America’s First National Open Pickleball League Launches Today.

The US Open Pickleball League ( is pleased to announce the formation of America’s First National Open Pickleball League.

USOPL is a League unlike any other, where your recreational games count towards your league ranking!

As of today, you can sign-up and join the League’s 2023 season beginning in March 2023. We are all about getting you out to play as often as you like, while making your pickleball experience fun and exciting.

The League is played in an open league format and is open to all adults, of all skill levels. You can play as many games as you like, as often as you like, with whomever you like, on courts of your choice at a time that suits you best.

The USOPL offers Two 2 Divisions – Singles or Doubles. You can join one or the other, or you can join both.

Best of all, your recreational games count toward your league ranking, meaning you can make that last minute, early morning or weekend game count when you play another USOPL member.

Playing in a tournament or local league? Those games count too when you play a USOPL member. USOPL compliments your local leagues and tournaments by counting your games towards your USOPL ranking.

When you play in a local league or tournament that is affiliated with us, you will be invited to join USOPL. This will automatically give you a chance to play in the end of season Regional Tournament and NPL Open, should you qualify.

At USOPL, we count your individual game scores towards your ranking, making the games you play more fun and more social, while improving your ranking.

Throughout the year we keep track of every game played, so you can review your scores and see how often you have been playing, look up your stats and standings and interact with other players.

While we are all about fun and games, at the end of the season that changes and things heats up.

At the end of the season, the top 10% ranked players (divided by region, rating, gender, age) are invited to play Regional Tournament games. Winners of the regional tournament divisions are then invited to play in the official “NPL Open,” an annual tournament with big prize money.

If this is for you, sign-up today at

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The US Pickleball Open League (USOPL) is an association of dedicated professionals and volunteers within the American pickleball community. The USOPL is home to the annual official NPL OPEN, a tournament played between the best players from our US Open Pickleball League and regional tournaments, and is home to Pickleball’s largest Social Media community (coming soon).

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