National Open Play Pickleball League - Ambassadors Club

National Pickleball Ambassadors Club Launches for Open Play League

The U.S. Open Pickleball League (USOPL) has announced the launch of its Pickleball Ambassadors Club: a club designed to promote the game of pickleball, while encouraging recreational competition and the general enjoyment of the fast-growing game of pickleball. The sport is as backed by the likes of LeBron James and Tom Brady. The Kardashians, Leo DiCaprio, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Gates also count themselves as fans of the accessible sport.

More than 36.5 million players took up pickleball between August 2021 and August 2022, compared to just 5 million people who tried out the sport between 2020 and 2021 – According to a CNBC report.

This phenomenal growth of pickleball has been attributed to the relatively low cost of entry, the game being fun, social, friendly, and easy to play for beginners, becoming fast paced and competitive as players grow in experience.  The pickleball community and culture is characterized by courtesy, kindness, and inclusion.

USOPL Ambassadors will draft players into USOPL by scheduling local USOPL events, recreational games (that count towards a member’s league standing), socials, mini-tournaments and get-togethers throughout the season while promoting the game of pickleball. The USOPL Ambassadors Club offers support and help to all ambassadors while they build their local pickleball community, and in return USOPL Ambassadors earn a commission on every member they draft into The U.S. Open Pickleball League.

Senior Ambassadors will be tasked with mentoring USOPL Youth League Ambassadors, assisting to them to learn the ropes while passing down experience and knowledge to help prepare the next generation for success.

Upon joining USOPL, Ambassadors receive a USOPL Ambassador Kit, which includes an Official USOPL Cap/Polo Shirt, Laminated I.D. Card, Personalized Business Cards, Personal Discount Code, USOPL Promotional Banner and automatic entry into both USOPL Singles & Doubles Divisions. The USOPL Ambassador discount code can be shared with new members on sign-up, offering new members a 10% discount on annual membership fees.

Entry into the USOPL Ambassadors Club is limited to a fixed number of ambassadors per region. Ambassadors are encouraged to join before the start of the 2023 season at the end of March.

USOPL is a League of Leagues, focused on making recreational open play games count towards league standings as well as other league and tournament games count, when played against USOPL members!

USOPL is open to all adults of all skill levels. Members are encouraged to play as many games as they like, as often as they like, with whomever they like, on courts of their choice at a time that suits them best. All games played count towards the member’s league standing.  USOPL promotes the enjoyment of the game of pickleball by adding a competitive element to all recreational games played, from skinny singles to mixed doubles.

Those last minute, early morning or weekend games count when played against another USOPL member.  There isno set number of teams or matches to be played. League members choose who to play and when to play, members can play singles, doubles or both, against any USOPL member anywhere, with the game played counting towards their league ranking.

League members are encouraged to play in their regular tournaments and local leagues. Those games count too, when played against a USOPL member. The USOPL complements local leagues and tournaments by counting those games played towards a USOPL ranking.

USOPL includes a free “Score Keeper” to track members’ games played throughout the season. Scores can be recorded on the side of the court or at home after the game. Members can review their game scores, look up game history, their individual stats and standings at any time.

During the season members play against and compete with other members in their local communities, friendship circles and family members. At the end of the season, the top 10% ranked players (divided by region, rating, gender, age) are invited to play Regional Tournament games. Winners of the regional tournament divisions are then invited to play in the official “NPL Open,™” an annual tournament with big prize money. Members invited to the regional tournaments will play other league members of a similar skill level.