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F.A.Q. National Pickleball League


F.A.Q. – U.S. Open Pickleball League – National Open Play League

Signing-up and Membership

The U.S. Open Pickleball League is the most fun you will have playing pickleball. Your Rec games count. You can play anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Just like you play your Rec pickup games. Anyone can join the fun and the competition. Enter your scores as you complete your games. We provide a dedicated Score Keeper and League Table where you can review your games played and keep track of your progress.

USOPL stands for U.S. Open Pickleball League and is pronounced as [ U.S. O Pal ]

U.S. and Opel, as in the gemstone [ ˈōpəl ]

Upcoming Pricing

After our Early Bird Special pricing changes. Early Bird Pricing $35 for Singles or Doubles, $60 for both, Ambassadors $75.

ONE small fee covers the whole season (including Playoffs and National Tournament). We are currently running a New Years Special, that will be followed be an early bird special and then we will revert to list pricing as the league begins.

Use the discount code: “NewYear2023” to get an additional 20% off. 

  • Singles League (Skinny or full court games).
    • New Year Special $79 [$63.20 with discount code “NewYear2023”]
      • (Effective 1 Feb 2023)
    • Pre-League Special $89 (Effective 14 Feb 2023) [Ambassador Discount code only]
    • List Price $99 for the year. (Effective 1 Mar 2023) [Ambassador Discount code only]
  • Doubles League (all game plays).
    • New Year Special  $79 [$63.20 with discount code “NewYear2023”]
      • (Effective 1 Feb 2023)
    • Pre-League Special $89 (Effective 14 Feb 2023) [Ambassador Discount code only]
    • List Price $99 for the year. (Effective 1 Mar 2023) [Ambassador Discount code only]
  • Both Singles and Doubles League Play.
    • New Year Special $129. [$103.2 with discount code “NewYear2023”]
      • (Effective 1 Feb 2023)
    • Pre-League Special $139 (Effective 14 Feb 2023) [Ambassador Discount code only]
    • List Price $149 for the year. (Effective 1 Mar 2023) [Ambassador Discount code only]

There are no added hidden fees. Membership fees are a once off payment. No Refunds or repeat promotions.



  • Joining USOPL is the most fun you are going to have playing pickleball.
  • We keep a record of your game scores, individual stats and league ranking.
  • You get access to our free Score Keeper and game scheduler.
  • Find new players to compete with in your local area and while you are out of town.
  • During the USOPL Season, any USOPL member can play with/against any other USOPL member in any State regardless of their rating, age, gender or skill level. At the end of the season your game stats are tallied and you are invited to compete in your division, in your regional tournament should you qualify.
  • You score even if you are playing in a local league or tournament and those scores count towards your USOPL ranking when playing other USOPL members.
  • Qualify to play in your regional tournament in September 2023. From there you can qualify to play in the NPL Open in October 2023.
  • Stand a chance to win Big Prizes and Cash in all tournaments.

You can sign-up to play in either the Singles or Doubles League or you can sign-up to play both Leagues. The choice is up to you on how you would like to compete.

USOPL is an Open Format League for ALL pickleball players across the whole United States.

Our League is Open to anyone: All ages, genders and skill levels.  Play as many games as you like, as often as you like, with whomever you like, on courts of your choice at a time that suits you best, including in other leagues and tournaments.

You can play any USOPL member anywhere in the world, even on a Cruise. We will soon be launching where you will be able to play against Canadian League players anywhere in the world.

Membership is valid for the season in which you sign-up. Our Score Keeper software is available to you for the full calendar year to save and record your games.

Prior to the start of the 2023 season USOPL will mail out your USOPL Cap and Membership Card, please ensure that your address is accurate. Should you qualify you will be invited to play in one of our regional tournaments closest to your home. We use telephone numbers for 2 factor authentication and to keep your account secure and at times to assist you with a lost password.

Your Username is how other players will find you and how you will enter your opponents for each game. Select a Username that will be easy to remember and to enter when scoring your games. We would suggest that you use the same Username as you do on your Social Media profiles. Usernames are unique so once they are taken they are gone. USOPL does not reserve usernames, so grab yours today.

Ambassadors Club

You will earn Earn big commissions on all members drafted and head up the USOPL community in your region. USOPL will support you and help you grow the sport of pickleball and the league while providing you with perks and recommendations on what works and how to excel at drafting players. Our software makes it super easy for you to recruit players and draft them into the league.

Act NOW! Spaces are limited. Make sure you secure your spot TODAY!

You will receive USOPL swag: Cap/Polo Shirt, Laminated I.D. Card and Discount Code, Business Cards and Promotional Banner. You will earn $$$ for every member drafted with your user name which doubles as a discount code.

Ambassadors earn 10% commission on all players drafted to the league using their user name which doubles as a discount and sign-up code. Ambassadors earn an additional 5% commission on all purchases made in our swag store when members use their discount code.

Ambassadors schedule local USOPL events, socials, mini-tournaments and get togethers throughout the season while promoting pickleball as a sport. You will build your pickleball community, have fun while playing the game you love and earn income from every member you draft to USOPL.

Yes. USOPL Ambassadors are automatically entered into both USOPL Singles & Doubles Divisions.

Start using your USOPL discount code today and share your username with joining members. You will earn 10% commission on every sign-up and 5% on all Swag Store sales when members use your discount code.

As an ambassador USOPL will list your user profile in our ambassador section of our members portal. Our Community Platform is coming soon. All Official League Ambassadors will be invited to create an officially verified page on our Community Platform.

As a USOPL Ambassador your Username is active the second you complete the sign-up process. You can immediately start sharing your @username with your friends, family and anyone you play against. Anyone who signs up and enters your Username as their discount code will receive a 10% discount on the cost of their membership, and you will automatically receive a 10% commission on all members who join with your Username.

No. We require our ambassadors to adhere to a code of conduct and respect other ambassadors ability to draft players. Ambassador discount codes should be shared on a one on one basis within your local community.  You should not share your discount codes on Social Media unless you run a closed group or page focused exclusively on your local community.

Yes. We encourage local Pickleball Clubs, Communities, Leagues and Tournaments to join our Ambassador Club and draft members. Your members that join USOPL will automatically receive all USOPL membership benefits and stand a chance to reach the regional finals in their division as well as the National Championship in October.

Playing Pickleball

No. The rules of pickleball are simple and easy to learn, no matter what your skill level or age. Our game play rules are governed by your local area Rec Rules, meaning you will have plenty of people to help you learn the rules and guide you in the right direction.  Please refer to the USA_Pickleball_Rulebook for more details.

Pickleball is a sport that you can easily learn, improve and excel at!

No. If you are new to an area, local community or even the game of Pickleball. USOPL is a great way to meet new people and make friends our software will help you find people to play and compete against, wining your games and making friends is up to you. Pickleball is much more than just a sport; it is a community. Pickleball and pickleball players are social (both on and off the pickleball court) and inclusive of players from all backgrounds, ages, and skill levels.

No. ONE small fee covers the whole USOPL season and gives you access to games and our score keeper all year long. Pickleball is relatively inexpensive to play. All you need is a pickleball, a paddle, an opponent and a court (which could be in a driveway, a street, or a local public park).

No. You can play just about anywhere in a driveway, a street, a cruise, dedicated courts, or a local public park. As long as your opponent is willing to play at your chosen venue you are good to go and your game will count.

Most of the time you spend playing pickleball will be spent playing recreational, social and practice games. USOPL cares about making those games count towards your league standing, making those games more fun and competitive. We often play our best on days when no one is watching, now your best play days count!

The National Open League

Yes. Anyone of any age and skill level can join USOPL. Everyone is welcome.

Yes. USOPL is first and foremost about making pickleball fun for everyone. We understand that inter family sports competition can be fun and rewarding. USOPL encourages you to play against anyone as often as like, the more you play the better your chances will be of reaching the regional finals and national championship.

Playing pickleball requires a general basic fitness. You can start slow and build up the intensity of your games as you become fitter. In fact pickleball is a great way to improve your physical fitness (you can burn 600+ calories per hour playing pickleball), and it will help with weight loss and weight management.

Playing pickleball requires you to move your body with short bursts of physical exertion in all directions. You go through periods where your heart is elevated, and you are constantly starting and stopping throughout the match. Playing regularly can lead to stronger cardiovascular and metabolic health, as well as stronger bones and muscles.

If you are unsure about your physical health you should check with your doctor before playing any sport.

Yes. USOPL is open to everyone of any skill level. Our regional tournaments and local leagues offer game play for everyone no matter how good or bad they are. Joining USOPL is a great way to find other pickeleballers in your community to play against. Playing more experienced players will help you improve your game.

Yes. Our USOPL Score Keeper is available to all league members all year long, you can play and record your game scores at any time during the year, even after then end of the season. However USOPL will only count the games you played during the League Season towards your league ranking.

Yes. Pickleball is FUN!

USOPL is a great way for you to play and find other players to compete against. The more you play the more you will improve and the more fun you will have. Playing pickleball leads to lots of laughter, gives you the opportunity to make friends for a lifetime who will extend well-beyond the pickleball court.

Yes. You can play any USOPL member anywhere you like, regardless of where you live or where they live. However, your game will be logged according to the address you provided when you signed up for your USOPL membership. Should you qualify you will be invited to one of our regional tournaments closet to your home address. No matter where you play, as long as you play a game against a USOPL pickleball member, that game counts for both you and your opponent(s) in each state in which the member is registered.

Yes. You can play any USOPL member anywhere at any time as long as your opponent agrees to the game.

Singles and Doubles Leagues

USOPL offers both Singles and Doubles Leagues.  You can join our singles or doubles divisions, or both if you like.

Yes. Skinny singles is played and scored like regular singles except you can only hit the ball across the net into your opponent’s half of the court and you can play cross-court or same-side-court.

No. There is no limit to the number of games per opponent, play as many as you like and record your scores on your phone, tablet or laptop as you play. It’s easy!

No. You chose when to play and who to play. You can play with anyone at any time. You schedule your own USOPL games at your own convenience.

You can play a single game against an opponent or a match. USOPL records your individual games and ranks you based on each game played, not your match results. When playing a match simply enter your final game scores for each game played.

No, you can play with as many partners against as many opponents as you like. USOPL is the one time we encourage you to play with as many partners as you wish. Simply add your partner and opponents when playing a game and the record your final scores on your phone as you play. You can play with different partners in different states anytime you like.

Yes. USOPL actively encourages you to play in as many Local leagues and Tournaments as you like. When playing a new opponent ask them for their USOPL username, record your final scores and the game will count towards you USOPL standing.

Yes. Our local USOPL Ambassadors will schedule USOPL events, socials, mini-tournaments over and above those already played in your area. Any games played at USOPL events, socials and mini-tournaments will count towards your USOPL standing. You Local Leagues and/or Tournaments can partner with USOPL to enter all players into the U.S. Open Pickleball League and offer their players the chance to reach our regional tournaments and National Championship.

Yes. Your Rec games count towards your USOPL standing. We encourage you to play as many recreational games as often as possible against as many opponents as you like. You can schedule games against any USOPL members of any skill level any time you like as often as you like. Our ambassadors will be setting up single game round robins where you play random players of all skill levels.