USOPL is the most fun you will have playing pickleball. Your Rec games count. Sign-up for Free! ONE small fee for League play covers the whole 2023 season and gives you access to games and our score keeper all year long.

USOPL Pickleball Player


National Open Play Pickleball League

Join the fastest Growing Open Play League in the Fastest Growing Sport in America! This is is the most fun you will have playing pickleball.

The U.S. Open Pickleball League (USOPL) is a National, all season,  Open Play League. Your Rec. games, other league games and tournament games count when you play other USOPL members. Every game counts when you play a USOPL member.

Sign-up for FREE, Play for free! League Play starts at just $35 per year!

Your Rec Games Count!

The US Open Pickleball League is Open to anyone: All ages, genders and skill levels.  Play as many games as you like, as often as you like, with whomever you like, on courts of your choice at a time that suits you best, including in other leagues and tournaments.

Best of all, your recreational games count toward your league ranking, meaning you can make that last minute, early morning or weekend game count when you play another USOPL member.

At USOPL, we count your individual game scores towards your ranking, making the games you play more fun and more social, while improving your ranking.

The National Pickleball League Open Championship

Season ends in the NPL Open Championship. The exclusive National Finals for the USOPL season.
You can only reach the National Pickleball League Open Championship as a USOPL league member. Be cautious of other sites offering access to NPL Open Championship.


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Singles, Doubles, Both

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Find open play pickleball partners to play against

The pickleball bug has bitten now you want to find as many people to play against as possible. Sign-up to USOPL, look-up members to compete against in your local area then schedule games with other members. USOPL is the most fun you will have playing pickleball. All USOPL members can be found by their useranmes and via our members look-up page when signed into your account.

Look out for USOPL caps at a court near you. Caps and merchandise ship Feb 1, 2023.

Members listings launch Feb 1, 2023. 

Sign-up for FREE! League Membership starts are just $35 per year!

Free Score Keeper. Track Your Scores.

Our Free USOPL Score Keeper keeps track of all your games and who you played. We keep a record of your individual stats. Enter your game scores at court side on your phone or from computer when you get home. Throughout the year we keep track of every game played, so you can review your scores and see how often you have been playing, look up your stats and standings and interact with other players.

Total Privacy.

At USOPL we keep your information private. Your privacy is our top priority. Your email, telephone numbers or other private information you share with us is never sold. Our player look-up system does not display your personal information and you can even hide your age, it’s up to you what you want to share.

Earn Points For All Game Played. Rec, League & Tournament

Play any USOPL member in an Open Play Rec. Game, Local League or Tournament. Enter your scores and have them count towards your USOPL ranking. Most of the time you spend playing pickleball will be spent playing recreational, social and practice games, now those games count.

Other Leagues and Tournaments

When playing in other tournaments or local leagues those games count too when you play a USOPL member. USOPL compliments your local leagues and tournaments by counting your games towards your USOPL ranking. Make any Open Play game count. When you play in a local league or tournament that is affiliated with us, you will be invited to join USOPL. This will automatically give you a chance to play in the end of season Regional Tournament and NPL Open™, should you qualify.

Play Anywhere with Anyone

You can play with any other USOPL player on any court, at any time, any where, even on a cruise and your scores will count. The USOPL is an Open Play Format League for ALL Pickleball players. Play with as many partners (or opponents) as you wish, as often as you like. Play more, score more, earn more points!

Big Prizes. Win Big $$$

Win Big $$$ Cash Prizes and Big Prizes. At USOPL we are always looking for new sponsors and more ways to increase prize money at every league and tournament.

Regional Leagues and National Compertition

The more Open Play games you play, the better your chances to qualify for State/Regional Finals and onto the NPL Open Championship. Qualify to play in your Regional Tournament by ranking in the top 10% of your age, gender and rating category.

2 Divisions – Singles and Doubles – Play both!

Join our singles or doubles divisions, or both if you like. You can even play skinny singles and mixed doubles.

Serious fun and games!

While we are all about fun and games, at the end of the season that changes and things heats up. At the end of the season, the top 10% ranked players (divided by region, rating, gender, age) are invited to play Regional Tournament games. Winners of the regional tournament divisions are then invited to play in the official “NPL Open,” an annual tournament with big prize money.

Caps and Merchandise.

Every USOPL member will reciece a USOPL cap on sign-up. During the course of the year USOPL members will recieve USOPL swag and promotional items from our sponsors at their regional locations and events, where availible.  Ambassadros recieve USOPL swag: Cap/Polo Shirt, Laminated I.D. Card and Discount Code, Business Cards and Promotional Banner.

Want to know more, please read our F.A.Q.!

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! On our F.A.Q. page you will find answers to the most common questions we are asked on a daily bias. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for please contact us.

Upcoming Pricing

ONE small fee covers the whole season (including Playoffs and National Tournament). We are currently running a New Years Special, that will be followed be an early bird special and then we will revert to list pricing as the league begins. (No Refunds)

Use the discount code: “NewYear2023” to get an additional 20% off. 

  • Singles League (Skinny or full court games).
    • New Year Special $79 [$63.20 with discount code “NewYear2023”]
      • (Effective 1 Feb 2023)
    • Pre-League Special $89 (Effective 14 Feb 2023) [Ambassador Discount code only]
    • List Price $99 for the year. (Effective 1 Mar 2023) [Ambassador Discount code only]
  • Doubles League (all game plays).
    • New Year Special  $79 [$63.20 with discount code “NewYear2023”]
      • (Effective 1 Feb 2023)
    • Pre-League Special $89 (Effective 14 Feb 2023) [Ambassador Discount code only]
    • List Price $99 for the year. (Effective 1 Mar 2023) [Ambassador Discount code only]
  • Both Singles and Doubles League Play.
    • New Year Special $129. [$103.2 with discount code “NewYear2023”]
      • (Effective 1 Feb 2023)
    • Pre-League Special $139 (Effective 14 Feb 2023) [Ambassador Discount code only]
    • List Price $149 for the year. (Effective 1 Mar 2023) [Ambassador Discount code only]

There are no added hidden fees. Membership fees are a once off payment. No Refunds or repeat promotions.