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Pickleball Clubs, Leagues & Tournaments


Do you host a local Pickleball club, league or tournament? Earn commissions by signing your players up to our OPEN league and give them a chance to reach our regional tournament and then the NPL Open™ Championship at the end of the year.

USOPL Pickleball League

Pickleball Clubs

Pickleball Clubs – Local Leagues and Tournaments

Partner with us if you host a local Pickleball club, league or tournament, earn commissions by signing your players up to our open play league. Your club members, league and tournament players will automatically receive a standing from The US Open Pickleball League (USOPL), and should they qualify in a regional tournament they will be offered an opportunity to play in the official NPL Open™ once a year. If one of you player/competitors wins in any of our regional tournaments or at the NPL Open™ you will receive an additional cash bonus.

Interisted? Sign-up as an USOPL ambassador and chat to one of our representatives when they contact you to discuss your membership.

Players and Competitors:

Play at your local club or in a local league and tournament, even play on a cruise and have your games count when you play other USOPL registered players. Canada CAOPL is on it’s way, Canadian and United States members will be able to compete against each other and have their games played count.

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Promotional Kit – Share the Swag!

As a USOPL affiliate club, league or tournament you will receive USOPL swag to share with your members: Cap’s/Polo Shirt’s, and Promotional Banners. Discuss co-branding opportunities with your USOPL representative.

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On going commissions!

You will earn generous commissions $$$ for every member drafted with your discount code and it’s ongoing year after year as long as your account is in good standing.

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Invite your members!

You can include the price of USOPL membership in your annual club league or tournament fees or you can simply upload a list of your members/competitors and we will invite them to join using your discount code. Individual discount offerings can be negotiated with your USOPL representative. All members that join USOPL will automatically stand a chance to reach our regional tournaments and the annual NPL OpenChampionship.

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Free Score Keeper!

Everyone who joins USOPL through your club, league or tournament will receive annual access to our free score keeper, to enter and track their games on court in real time. You members will be able to look up other USOPL members and schedule games to be played at their time and choice of location.

NPL OpenChampionship

Offer your players a chance to reach the annual official NPL OpenChampionship by playing to receive and invitation to one of our regional tournaments and then seeding to play in the national championship.

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Discount Code – Earn Commission

Anyone who signs up and enters your Username as their discount code will receive a 10% discount on the cost of their membership, and you will automatically receive a 10% commission on all members who join with your Username.

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Schedule USOPL Events

Schedule local USOPL events, socials, mini-tournaments, get togethers. Build your pickleball community, have fun while playing the game you love and earn income from every member you draft to USOPL.

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Get Featured on our Community Platform

All Official League Ambassadors will be invited to create an officially verified page on our Community Platform. Our Community Platform is coming soon. Your Logo and club, league or tournament will be promoted on our Social Media Pages

  • Create Groups and Events on our Community Platform (Coming soon)
  • Host chat, groups and discussion forums on your website, directly from our Community Platform (Coming soon)
  • Live stream your Leagues and Tournaments on your website, directly from our Community Platform (Coming soon)

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Community Portal – Promote Pickleball

Help grow our Community Portal, a social media platform for all things pickleball. People, Teams, Groups, Events, Businesses and Chat. (Coming soon)

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Support the next Pickleball Generation

Our Senior Ambassadors will be asked to mentor our Youth League Ambassadors to help prepare the next generation for success, have fun and grow the game of pickleball.

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