USOPL is the most fun you will have playing pickleball. Your Rec games count. Sign-up for Free! ONE small fee for League play covers the whole 2023 season and gives you access to games and our score keeper all year long.

USOPL Pickleball Player


Join the fastest Growing Open League in the Fastest Growing Sport in America!

The U.S. Open Pickleball League (USOPL) is America’s first national, all season, open play league. You play anyone, anywhere and your scores count. We then host regional tournaments and a final. Your Rec. games, other league games and tournament games count when you play other USOPL members. 

At present, the U.S. Open Pickleball League is the only organization approved as a member of the NPL Open. An annual pickleball, open play, championship, tournament.

The National Pickleball League Open Championship

Season ends in the NPL Open Championship. The exclusive National Finals for the USOPL season.
You can only reach the National Pickleball League Open Championship (NPL Open) as a USOPL league member. Be cautious of other sites offering access to NPL Open Championship.

Make Your Rec Games Count!

Every game counts when you play a USOPL member.
Join today, start recording your GAME scores today with our free Score Keeper!
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National Pickleball League – Open Play, All Season

The US Open Pickleball League (USOPL) it is the most fun you will have playing pickleball.

Our League is Open to anyone: All ages, genders and skill levels.  Play as many games as you like, as often as you like, with whomever you like, on courts of your choice at a time that suits you best, including in other leagues and tournaments.

USOPL is an all season open play league, at the end of the season we host regional tournaments and then a national championship.

Our Youth League is now open. Sign-up today!

Exclusive to USOPL, our members will receive early access to our new Social Media Platform, designed to become the biggest online community for pickleball players in the world, where you can chat, find and reach out to other Pickleballers. Create Groups, Events, Discussions, Send Instant messages, create business pages and showcase your Leagues, Tournaments, venues and communities.

  • Track Your Scores

    Score as you play.

    The USOPL Score Keeper keeps track of all your games and who you played. We keep a record of your individual stats.

  • Earn Points For All Game Played

    Rec, League & Tournament

    Play any USOPL member in a Rec. Game, Local League or Tournament. Enter your scores and have them count towards your USOPL ranking.

  • Play Anywhere with Anyone

    Play Today

    You can play with any other USOPL player on any court, at any time, any where in the country and your scores will count.

  • Make Your Rec Games Count!

    National Open League

    The USOPL is an Open Format League for ALL Pickleball players. Play with as many partners (or opponents) as you wish, as often as you like. Play more, score more, earn more points!

  • NPL Open™ Championship.

    NPL Open

    The more games you play, the better your chances to qualify for State/Regional Finals and onto the NPL Open Championship.

  • Big Prizes

    Win Big $$$

    Win Big $$$ Cash Prizes and Big Prizes.

No hidden Fees. ONE Fee to join the 2023 Season.

  • 2 Divisions

    Singles and Doubles

    Join our singles or doubles divisions, or both if you like.

  • Regional Tournaments

    Win Prizes and $$$

    Qualify to play in your Regional Tournament by ranking in the top 10% of your age and gender category.

  • National Championship

    Play in the Nationals

    Regional Tournament winners will be invited to play in the NPL Open Championship.



Earn while you play and promote the game you love. Your Username is your discount code. Start earning commission on your drafts on completion of the sign-up process. We are ready to go, are you?

USOPL Ambassador


Become an Executive Ambassador

Are you an organizer? Do you want to host local leagues and games, schedule social pickleball get-togethers and earn extra $$$ cash from the game you love? If you have answered yes to any of these items, then joining us as an official league Ambassador might be the right thing for you. Ambassadors earn $$$ for every member drafted and all Swag Store sales when your discount code is applied to a purchase.

Our Ambassadors are individuals or couples who work with their communities, clubs, leagues and tournaments to guide and help build the USOPL open pickleball league for all to enjoy in their local area. Our Senior Ambassadors will mentor our Minor League Ambassadors to help prepare the next generation for success, have fun and grow the game of pickleball.

Join Today!  We are currently signing up USOPL Ambassadors for a limited time.

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Spaces are limited. Make sure you secure your spot TODAY!
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  • Ambassador Kit

    Get the Swag!

    You will receive USOPL swag: Cap/Polo Shirt, Laminated I.D. Card and Discount Code, Business Cards and Promotional Banner. You will earn $$$ for every member drafted with your discount code.

  • Discount Code

    Earn Commission

    Start using your USOPL discount code today, share your username with joining members, earning you commission on every sign-up and all Swag Store sales when members use your 10% discount code.

  • Schedule

    USOPL Events

    Schedule local USOPL events, socials, mini-tournaments, get togethers. Build your pickleball community, have fun while playing the game you love and earn income from every member you draft to USOPL.

  • Get Featured

    Community Platform

    Our Community Platform is coming soon. All Official League Ambassadors will be invited to create an officially verified page on our Community Platform.

  • Community Portal

    Promote Pickleball

    Help grow our Community Portal, a social media platform for all things pickleball. People, Teams, Groups, Events, Businesses and Chat. (Coming soon)

  • Great Support

    From the USOPL

    Get support from our experienced teams to help you manage your region like a champ.

USOPL Pickleball Ambassadors are automatically entered into both USOPL Singles & Doubles Divisions.

If your member that you drafted into USOPL wins the National Pickleball League Open Championship you will receive a cash bonus from USOPL and other exciting prizes, like getting an all expenses paid invitation to attend the first ever official NPL Open.

Once you are signed up, USOPL will contact you directly to discuss your position, perks, recommendations. USOPL will give you a discount code to share with joining members and Ambassadors will receive commissions directly from USOPL.

You will receive a USOPL Ambassador Kit (Kit includes Official USOPL Pickleball Cap/Polo Shirt, Personalized Business Cards, Personal Discount Code, USOPL Pickleball Promotional Banner, Automatic entry into both USOPL Pickleball Singles & Doubles Divisions.

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Pickleball clubs, leagues and tournaments

Pickleball Clubs, Leagues & Tournaments


Do you host a local Pickleball club, league or tournament? Earn commissions by signing your players up to our OPEN league and give them a chance to reach our regional tournament and then the NPL Open™ Championship at the end of the year.

USOPL Pickleball League

Pickleball Clubs

Pickleball Clubs, Leagues & Tournaments

Players and Competitors: Play your League and Tournament games and have them count when you play other USOPL registered players.

Organizers: Partner with us if you host a local Pickleball club, league or tournament, earn commissions by signing your players up to our open play league. Your club members, league and tournament players will automatically receive a standing from The US Open Pickleball League (USOPL), and should they qualify in a regional tournament they will be offered an opportunity to play in the official NPL Open once a year. If one of you player/competitors wins in any of our regional tournaments or at the NPL Openyou will receive an additional cash bonus.

Interisted? Sign-up as an USOPL ambassador and chat to one of our representatives when they contact you to discuss your membership.

  • Earn generous commissions
  • Offer your players a chance to reach the annual official NPL OpenChampionship
  • Get your Logo and league promoted on our Social Media Pages
  • Include USOPL membership with your league or tournament fees.
  • Receive a dedicated League or Tournament Page on our Community Platform (Coming soon)
  • Create Groups and Events on our Community Platform (Coming soon)
  • Host chat, groups and discussion forums on your website, directly from our Community Platform (Coming soon)
  • Live stream your Leagues and Tournaments on your website, directly from our Community Platform (Coming soon)